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Ultraformer III Skin Tightening

Do you wish your skin could be firmer, sag and droop less? If you are not ready to embark on invasive surgery or a facelift, we recommend you the latest non invasive skin tightening medical device Ultraformer III. Sagging lower face, jowls, necks and jawlines can be tightened and lifted under the innovative technology of Ultraformer III.

Unlike lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside–in, Ultraformer III bypasses the surface of the skin, specifically targeting the deeper skin structures including SMAS where the plastic surgeons work on in surgical face-lifting. Using precise High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) waves to reach and heat the deeper skin structures, Ultraformer III causes immediate contraction of the skin, triggers cell renewal and stimulates new collagen formation. It actually works from the inside out to provide a more natural tightening effect for the face, giving your skin a more toned and smoother appearance. The first ultrasound device of this kind was Ulthera, but Ultraformer III is the new kid on the block and it is more affordable, much faster and less painful.

The biggest advantage of this treatment is its short treatment time, minimal side-effects and has no downtime. There is also no sun-sensitivity and you can walk away from the treatment with full makeup. Nearly all patients can return to work immediately after the treatment.

Patients will see the initial effect of the skin tightening, but the full result will be more visible over 2-3 months, as the old collagen is regenerated with new collagen. This collagen regeneration process continues up to 6 months after the initial treatment and will last up to 12-15 months. Sagging cheeks and jowls are gradually firmed and lifted up. Often, a more defined jaw line and overall improvement in skin texture are the additional benefits.

So if you’re looking for non invasive treatment to counter the effect of facial and neck ageing, just give us a call at 65 6694 1121 to fix an appointment with Dr Wong.

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