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Acupulse CO2 laser

AcuPulse™ is a safe, simple and cost-effective CO2 laser that delivers outstanding results. This treatment offers an exciting panacea to skin problems long thought to be untreatable. Bid goodbye to hideous acne scars, facial lines, wrinkles, sun damage, warts and even stretchmarks with the latest AcuPulseTM CO2 Laser (AcuPulse). Longtime patients of these conditions can have supple skin too from the tightening effect!

AcuPulse boasts two key benefits:

1) Faster ablation rate means a lower risk of side effects

With the SuperPulse technology, AcuPulse has the ability to deliver high energy in short pulse durations. AcuPulse can achieve an ablation rate that is faster than almost any other CO2 laser in the market.

2) Optimised ablation/coagulation ratio means a pain-free treatment

AcuPulse uses minimal energy thanks to its optimised ablation/coagulation ratio. There is less risk of thermal damage and in turn this means a lower risk of side effects. Patients can also look forward to a comfortable treatment and recovery experience.

This versatile technology can be used to treat over 30 skin problems. For dermatologists, this is a wonderful investment. For patients, this is the solution they have been waiting for.

For more information on Acupulse CO2 laser, please see official Lumenis Acupulse website


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