Laser Treatments

Laser surgery is a form of surgery commonly used by Dr Wong for certain specific purpose e.g. photorejuvenation (lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles and blemishes), tissue ablation (removal of warts, moles), pigment destruction, fractional ablation (scar improvement), blood vessels ablation.

LASER stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is an intense beam of light tuned to a single specific wavelength(colour) and travels in a single direction. Laser beam carries with it powerful energy and offers dermatologist a unique tool to precisely destroy the intended target in the skin and yet with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Similarly, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), has the ability to specifically treat blood vessels and pigmentation. The wavelength and power output of a particular laser or IPL typically determines its medical application

Although laser is useful in many situations, it is not a magic bullet that can solve all skin problems. Laser surgery is only as good as the doctor who uses it and skin Laser therapy is not without risk. The following adverse events may occur : reactivation of herpes virus infection on the face, scarring and skin color changes and one has to beware.

Different types of laser with different depth of penetration

Different types of laser with different depth of penetration

Pigment laser treatment

Q-switch YAG lasers e.g. REV light and Medlite C6 are the gold standard for pigment treatment. Using these lasers on correctly diagnosed skin pigmentation often produce excellent results.

Photo-facial with Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT)

OPT is the latest technology from Lumenis, the inventor of IPL technology. It is an advance form of IPL and the treatment lightens the appearance of facial pigmentation and gives one a revitalized look. In addition, it reduces the tiny blood vessels and redness of rosacea. Increasingly, people are doing photofacial with OPTTM regularly at monthly or bi-monthly interval to keep their skin looking dewy and refresh!

OPT Hair Reduction

OPT treatments help to reduce annoying and unwanted hair for both men and women. “Permanent hair reduction” can be achieved with just several sessions of treatments.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Using specific pigment laser e.g. REV light, Medlite C6 and Spectra, blue and black ink tattoos can be safely and effectively lightened / removed after several sessions of laser treatments.

Acupulse Fractional CO2 laser

Acupulse Fractional CO2 laser

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser

They are often used for superficial skin cancer e.g. BCC and benign skin growths. CO2 laser also makes shallow cuts and seal the bleeding vessels and is useful in some skin surgery e.g. circumcision. Fractional CO2 ablative laser is the currently the best studied approach to treating acne scars.

Vascular Laser Treatment

Lasers can remove unsightly spider veins (on the face or leg) and superficial blood vessels safely and effectively. The laser damages the blood vessel wall and causes the walls to stick together. This will empty all the blood within the lumen, leading to their disappearance



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